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Soothe and nurture your lady parts using our New “Yemaya” lavender Yoni Oil. Made with a 100% organic ingredients that helps restore balance and vaginal comfort. It’s the perfect natural remedy for neutralizing yeast, & odors. Infused with a Amethyst crystals. 

USAGE: Wash and clean area properly. Place a small amount on your palm, massage thoroughly on your Yoni.  Goes on great after waxing, shaving, sugaring, or just regular self care.

Expires 6 months after purchase date. 2oz  

Ingredients:: lavender, Calendula, Glycerol, tocopherol, Copra oil, cucumber, Grapeseed, rose bush, oleic acid, Cymbopogon, Oleic acid, Olea europaea, Cananga odorata, Bosweilla, Rosa spp., cocos nucifera, prunus armeniaca, P. dulcis, Commiphora myrrha. 

Disclaimer:: Keep oils out of reach of children. If you have sensitive skin, test to make sure your not allergic to any of the natural ingredients listed.